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7 Seconds Merchandising


7 Seconds is well known for bringing positive ideals into hardcore punk and are considered "living legends" by many people in the underground punk scene. They helped along the Straight Edge Youth Crew movement in the 80's Hardcore scene.

They have released numerous albums since 1981, including The Crew; Walk Together, Rock Together; New Wind; Good to Go and the recently released Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over.

They also appeared on the 1985 hardcore compilation Cleanse the Bacteria, in addition to numerous other compilations, such as "Not So Quiet On the Western Front," "Something to Believe In," and "Another Shot from Bracken."

In the late 1980s, the band began to grow musically as they explored other sounds. Critics of this switch to more complex and slower music often compared the band to U2. Albums from this period include the Praise EP, Ourselves, and Soulforce Revolution. However, the band has since returned to their hardcore punk roots, where they can claim more of a following.