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Hic Abundant Leones LP (orange vinyl)

The Tower

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Category: Vinyl

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Bad Omen Records presents THE TOWER – HIC ABUNDANT LEONES

Bad Omen Records presents THE TOWER
Released 3rd March 2014-01-20

The offbeat freakbeat and phantasmagorical psych-blues of Hic Abundant Leones, The Towers cryptic, swinging timewarp of a debut LP, exude an ageless charm and resounding singularity, striking eerie, dreamlike atmospheres as ancient as the Sumerian blues records played by the Dionysos cults of the Postapocalyptic Era, the wrayed Indians, electric shamans, crazy horses, black skinheads, exhumed singers, diddlying sheriffs, mean lick hookers, third eye girls, many a stooge, all-man brothers, Birmingham attendants of the Sabbath, and many, many more.

Released 3rd March 2014-01-20

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