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Bula Quo is the 30th studio album for rock'n'roll icons Status Quo. Disc one features nine brand new tracks which are taken from the soundtrack of the band’s forthcoming debut feature film of the same name. The second disc contains exclusively reworked or live versions of 10 classic Quo hits, also as featured in the film, including an amazing Fijian-style rendition of “Living On An Island”.


Disc: 1
1. Looking Out For Caroline
2. GoGoGo
3. Run And Hide (The Gun Song)
4. Running Inside My Head
5. Mystery Island
6. All That Money
7. Never Leave a Friend Behind
8. Fiji Time
9. Bula Bula Quo (Kua Ni Lega)

Disc: 2
1. Living On An Island
2. Frozen Hero
3. Reality Cheque
4. Rockin' All Over The World
5. Caroline
6. Beginning Of The End (Live 2010)
7. Don't Drive My Car (Live 2010)
8. Pictures Of Matchstick Men
9. Whatever You Want (Live 2010)
10. Down Down (Live 2010)

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